May Project Update


Dear Friends of The Partnership—

Hope and hardship seem to have defined a lot of our COVID years. How wonderful it would have been if we could have emerged from our confinement into a new civic center, a gathering place bringing us together and reuniting us as a community.

The path for the center has had some boulders to negotiate, including the spiraling costs of construction. That, in part, affected our request for Congressionally Directed Spending, so, unfortunately, our application was not moved forward for appropriations committee consideration.

Closer to home, as you know, the state budget is stressed for various reasons, and the anticipated small capital budget is expected to focus on deferred maintenance and appropriations required for federal matching monies. Given that scenario, our request for civic center financial support does not qualify for state funding.

But, we are Juneau strong and determined to crush the blocking boulders with creativity, commitment and perseverance. As we reposition for new opportunities, our determination to realize a quality gathering space where we can focus on our rich arts and cultural resources as well as provide worthy accommodations for state, federal and local business uses, remains secure.

In the coming months the Partnership Board will be strategizing and finding the best path forward. As committed supporters, you will be kept up to date on developments and any new information which may affect our trajectory and next steps.

Your continued support has given us our drive and keeps us committed to the goal of gaining a building worthy of “speaking” for a capital city.

Boulders be gone!

– The Partnership Communications Committee