February 2024 Campaign update

Bob’s Corner

Welcome to almost spring. Hope everyone was able to gracefully weather our snowy last month.

The Partnership has been very busy this winter continuing the work to secure funding for the project. Through the work of the Board and Governmental Affairs Committee, we have or are in the process of submitting several requests for support.

Formal grant requests have been submitted to the Murdock Foundation and the Block Family Foundation. We were successful in getting through the initial stage and are scheduled to meet with their respective evaluation teams for the second step in their processes in early March.
In January, we submitted a request for state funding in partnership with City & Borough of Juneau to the Legislature.
We sent a team to Washington, D.C. this month to seek federal support for the new facility. We had a warm welcome, were directed to approach funding sources identified as viable for our project and instructed to keep our delegation members informed as to our efforts and progress on other funding fronts. Overall, a very encouraging visit as reported by everyone.
Each one of these requests require a great deal of work to respond to the particulars of each organization or agency’s specific asks. Many thanks to the Board, volunteers and staff that have put in the needed time and effort to get the work accomplished.

The Capital Campaign Committee is in the process of launching another round of local fundraising efforts to augment our philanthropic, state, and federal efforts. Many thanks to our supporters who continue to make contributions, large and small, on a monthly basis. We could not do this without you. There will be more information on this effort in the coming weeks.

The organization is heading into spring feeling focused on the project. We are reminded, in discussion with our funders, that The Partnership and our membership are not the only ones to recognize the overall importance of the project to the arts, cultures, and economic futures of Juneau.

Thank you all again for your continued support. We welcome all who would like to join with us to realize this vision.

Bob Banghart, Partnership Executive Director