Capital Campaign Committee

The Partnership Capital Campaign Committee

The primary function of the Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) is to raise the funds necessary to construct a new arts and culture facility.  The CCC is comprised of Partnership Board members and other volunteers from the community, who are committed to implementing Juneau’s decades of planning to make a new venue a reality.  The CCC meets bimonthly and its members work consistently to ensure all resources are in place to build an arts and culture facility our community can be proud of.  As of January 2022, the CCC includes:

  • Annie Calkins, Co-Chair
  • Bud Carpeneti, Co-Chair
  • Bruce Botelho
  • Bob Engelbrecht
  • Katharine Heumann
  • John Clough
  • Katy Giorgio
  • Barb Kreher
  • Linda Kruger
  • David Marquez
  • Marjorie Menzi
  • Ginny Palmer
  • John Pugh
  • John Roxburgh
  • Jev Shelton
  • Mary Wegner
  • Staff: Bob Banghart, Heather Hintze, Nancy DeCherney
  • Consultant: Emily Laskin