There are many ways to give to the project

Individual Giving

  • Gifts can be made in the form of a required minimum distribution, through the sale of stock/securities, or by cash/credit/check. Alaskan residents who are eligible to file for a PFD each year can also give through Pick.Click.Give.!

Business Builders

  • Gifts can be made to the project directly from your business.

Groundbreakers Campaign

  • Donors pledge $10,000, typically make a $1,000 payment on the pledge and commit to giving the remaining amount over a three-year period.
  • Individuals and businesses can become Groundbreakers.

Naming Opportunities

  • Starting at $50,000 and above, donors have the opportunity to name select spaces in the building, or the entire building itself.

Memorial Funds

  • Any gift can be made in 'honor of' or in 'memory of' a loved one.
  • Memorial Funds can be established and are usually set with a goal of $50,000 or more for the purposes of naming a space in the New JACC.
  • Active memorial funds include: Peter McKay Memorial Fund, Ken Leghorn Memorial Fund

50 for the Future

  • A new monthly giving program - sign up to give $50/month for a year. Learn more here.

Matching Gift Programs

  • Employees of Bank of America, Alyeska Pipeline, Alaska Airlines and other businesses may qualify for charitable matching gift programs.
  • Select foundations also offer matching gift incentives to members who serve on boards or committees.
  • Challenge grants may be pledged to the project by Corporate donors.

In-Kind Support

  • In-kind contributions can be made in the form of services or goods.


  • Participate in a fundraiser to support the project! Past events include Motown for Our Town, Whale Watching, benefit concerts, Spring into Arts, Summer Block Parties, and more.
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