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Bruce and Judith Morley
Joyanne Bloom

Larry and Sue Cotter

Gladi Kulp and Jon Pond
In Memory of Jenna Swanson
Gail Sieberts
Pam and Dave Marquez
Julia Smith-Kibby
Lawson Narr Lair
Chrystal Brand, in memory of Larry Sommers
Robert Rogers
The Sauerteig Family
Timothy Calkins
Cornerstone General Contractors Inc.
John Roxburgh and George W. Lee
Kris Benson
Barbara Sheinberg and Norman Cohen
Susan Cox and Tom Nave
Jim and Katharine Heumann
In Memory of Jay Ginter
Ted and Lucy Merrell
Rick and Annie Caulfield
Linda and Paul Rosenthal
Phil and Deborah Smith
Ral West and John Hardwick
The McPhetres Family
George and Debbie Reifenstein
Barb and Ron Kreher
Sally Smith
Mark and Esther Millea
Elaine and Bob Schroeder
Scott and Patricia Hartman
David and Martha Dantzic
Julie and Peter Neyhart
Fran Ulmer
Reed Stoops and Betsy Brenneman

Sharon Gaiptman and Peter Freer
Kim Garnero and Dan Rounsley

NorthWind Architects
Rothaus - Stanley Family
The DeCherney Family
Elgee Rehfeld, LLC
John Wilson
Madeleine Lefebvre and Dave Dierdorff
Baxter Bruce & Sullivan PC
Virginia Palmer
Kathy Ruddy
Mary Wegner
John and Margaret Pugh
Susan and Jeff Sloss
Paul G. Allen Foundation
Vicki Bassett and Eric Olsen
In Memory of Kathryn Shelton
Behrends Mechanical
Terry Cramer
The Smith Family, In Memory of Betty J. Smith
Jeff Bush
John and Marian Clough
Annie and Bud Carpeneti
Harriet T. Botelho
Marjorie Menzi and Bill Heumann
Art Peterson
Annie Calkins and Dave Hunsaker
Ron and Kathy Maas
In Loving Memory of Kathryn Shelton
Sarah Isto and Gordon Harrison
Wendy Wolf and John Osborne
Peter Jurasz
Lupita and Bruce Botelho
Alan and Manamaya Akiyama
In Memory of Sally Short, an English girl who struck out around the world but got sidetracked with a carpenter and spent 50 years in Alaska
Southeast Radiation Oncology
Bruce and Catherine Johnson

Linda Kruger
Patricia Hull

Milt Barker
Linda Buckley
Jim and Susan Clark
Tamara and Greg Cook
Sharon and Bruce Denton
Dawn Findley-Groves
Rosemary and Clark Gruening
Bob Engelbrecht
Sue and Tom Koester
Janet Kussart
Bob Banghart and Laura Lucas
Madden Associates
Janet Schempf
Ann Symons
Dawn Wolfe and Bob Janes
Shari and Hugh Grant
Donald Kussart
Beverly Ingram and Steve Wolf
Mary Pat Schilly and John Sisk
John and Dawn Walsh
Alaska Vision Center
Rainforest Pediatric Care
Peggy Cowan
David and Kristen Miller
Alaska Community Foundation, Marquez Family Fund
Haight & Associates, Inc.

Jan Rutherdale
Goldstein Improvement Company
Doug Weaver
Cindy and John Gaguine
Above and Beyond Alaska
Bauer/Clifton Interiors
Julie Kristin North
Tom, Eva, Sara, and Sam Bornstein
Kent and Jenny Dawson
Amy and Stan Lujan

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