Color the New JACC!

Young and old alike enjoyed a few creative moments painting on the big mural depicting the New JACC during the Mayor’s Awards for the Arts on August 17. This eye-catching project was developed by Capital Campaign members Marjorie Menzi and Barb Kreher, with support from Bing Carillo and Rachelle Bonnett.  Inspired by Groundbreaker Joyanne Bloom who saw a similar project in her travels, everyone is invited to choose a square and to the best of their ability and eye for detail, replicate what is in a similar, larger squared off rendering displayed nearby. Each painter contributes something to the Capital Campaign as another gesture of support. At the August 17 event, lively by all accounts, individual contributions ranged from $1 – $100.

The invitation to participate will last as long as there are squares to be painted!

Photo credit goes to Kai Ciambor, age 10, who was also a contributing painter.